Waldorf Kelip-Kelip

The seed of Kelip-kelip Care Center was first sown through sponsored air tickets and a two-year scholarship offered to Da Vid during the years of 2005-2007. After graduated from Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School in Australia, Helen Cock, the school principal, reminded him, saying, “The two-year scholarship offered was not meant for you but it was for your country. Please bring Waldorf education back to the children in your country.” These words have since imprinted deeply in Da Vid’s heart, carrying in him the burning drive and yearning to serve our community. He returned home and brought with him the holistic education of Waldorf .



The kindergarten was established in the suburban district of Kota Kemuning, Klang, Selangor in 2008.  Through the collective effort rendered by dedicated teachers, parents, collaborators, families and friends, Kelip-kelip Care Center has now expanded and occupied three buildings to date.

Waldorf education is committed to cultivating an inner enthusiasm for learning within every child. It recognizes human development and addresses the needs of a growing child through its advocacy of whole-child educational approach — nurturing the heart, will and mind. It aims at fostering a joyful, lifelong learning amongst students and the community it comes in contact with.



Waldorf Kelip-kelip Education Centre is proud to be among some 1,000 independent Waldorf Schools spanning across 83 countries. With the growing number of students, Waldorf Kelip-kelip has relocated to the new campus located in Bandar Tasik Puteri Rawang in 2016.