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andrewhill Andrew Hill

Head of school of Glenaoen Rudolf Steiner School
New South Wales, Australia

Andrew Hill grew up on the north shore of Sydney and attended Sydney University where he studied Anthropology and the Social Sciences. He won a Commonwealth Post Graduate Research Scholarship which enabled him to study the traditional culture of a Malaysian indigenous people where he lived for over a year. On his return he tutored in Behavioural Sciences in Medicine at Sydney University, then became one of the foundation staff in that discipline at the University of Newcastle Medical School where he worked for three years. In addition he was a regular lecturer to adults through the WEA.

A quest for a more enlivened form of education that would suit the demands of the future more creatively led him to Steiner education, and he left an academic career to become a teacher. He has never looked back, and is still inspired by the creative approach to educating that stems from Dr Steiner’s work.

At Glenaeon he has taken two eight year cycles as a class teacher, taught at HSC level, been a mentor and teacher educator, as well as being involved in school management and leadership. He is regular presenter at education conferences.



 profile-wolfgang Wolfgang Maschek

Class teacher at Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School (MRSS)
Melbourne, Australia

Wolfgang Maschek received his Masters in Archaeology from ML University in Munich, Germany. After graduation, he worked as an archaeological researcher before migrating to Australia. He joined Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School in 1987. At MRSS, he is a class teacher to both primary and secondary classes, and works at a state school under Steiner programme. Besides teaching children, he is also a lecturer, specialising in adult education at teachers’ training seminars.



johannes Johannes Schuster

Founder of Little Yarra Steiner School
Victoria, Australia

Johannes Schuster’s vision for the school in the early stage was set on creating inspiring, spiritually based cultural- educational centre in the Yarra Valley. His passion was to create a place of both natural and architectural beauty: a place where the architecture reflected the educational and spiritual aspirations of the school; where music and the arts and natural sciences could  flourish within a supportive human and an artistically crafted physical environment.

With this vision he helped guide the school’s development during the first two decades of its establishment. Over the 20 years of his involvement with the school he witnessed its growth from a handful of children in a hired public hall, to a full Kindergarten to Class 12 School of over 300 students, situated on its own 60 acre property in the outer reaches of Melbourne.

He continues to work as lecturer, giving course and workshops in Australia and overseas. He also works as consultant in Architectural/Biosculptural and Organisational/Development, while mentoring Waldorf schools in South East Asia.

andrewdubignan Adam Dubignan

Principal of Michael Park School (MPS)
Auckland, New Zealand

Prior to teaching, Adam Dubignon worked extensively with music and management in performing arts and the recording industry. After undertaking Steiner/Waldorf education, he takes up the role as a class teacher, nurturing students all the way through middle school learning. He specialises in subjects related to performing and creative arts. He also initiates the Class 8 project and camp.